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Body ​T​reatments

Swedish Massage:

Medium to Light Pressure that relieves stress, tension and tightness in the muscles. Not only does this massage calm your nerves it is the MOST relaxing and rejuvenating service to receive.


Sports Massage

Medium to Deep (firm pressure) on tension spots in the muscles and tissues. Sports massage unlocks chronic muscle blocks, and will combine medium to deep pressure so you will not be sore. Sports Massage should not hurt you, but instead leave you rejuvenated and relaxed.


Operates on the same principle as acupuncture, instead of using needles to manipulate the pressure points, the thumb or hand is used to apply pressure to the pressure points. Not only will your feet and hands feel more relaxed, you will experience more energy.


Combination Massage:

"Light to Deep Pressure" you will totally feel as if your floating away. This Massage is not for the shy and timid, BUT my care and service makes this just for you. Your Scalp will be Massaged, Back, Gluts, Legs, Feet, Inner Thighs, Stomach, Shoulders & Neck. You will have a total meltdown...

Chair Massages:

When you don't want or have time to lay down and remove any clothing, this is the perfect pick me up. Chronic Back Pain, Headache, Neck and Shoulder Tension is a couple of reasons people have the desire for Chair Massage.



Office Number 817-921-6100

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