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Massage & Spa Parties

Party Can Range From 2 to 40 People (upon your discretion)

Thinking about throwing a Spa Party... I provide 4 different types to choose from. 

You can choose 1 or all 4.

Massage Party~Manicure & Pedicure ~ Body Scrub~Facial Party

Call VIP out for your Bachelorette Party and have a great time...
Call VIP out for your Girls Weekend... will provide 1 to 10 massage therapist its your call
VIP provide Massage, Facials, Body Scrubs and Hot Stones...
Please feel free to call same day for Massage, Facials, Hot Stones & Body Scrubs...

Massage Party:

I provide everything you will need for your party, even other therapist if needed. I provide massage tables, chairs, music, oils & lotions, sheets, face rest covers and hand sanitizer. This package also includes soothing jazz music.

seasonal appetizers *upon request (extra charge included)* 

Manicure/Pedicure Party:

Every woman enjoys the luxury of getting their nails done. Enjoy this great package with warm bubbly water that will break down the cuticles and dry skin. Hygiene is very important so I'll provide everyone with their own bag that will inlcude, an emory board, pumice stones, polish remover, hand and foot sanitizer, warm lotions/oils and orange stick, which is perfect for cleaning under the nails and pushing the cuticles back. I will provide an array of nail polishes for everyone to choose from.

Facial Party:

Just lay back relax and enjoy being pampared. Will provide products for the group that has vitamin-rich ingredients and designed for sensitive skin so everyoone will enjoy the treatment. My facial Massage will give your face a luminous glow and relaxful feel that will last throughout the party. Cucumber slices available upon request.


Also Great For:

  • Girls Night Out

  • Corporate Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Bridal Showers

  • Wedding Showers

  • Special Romatic Date &

Just Because...

Owner of VIP Mobile Massage

Call @ anytime to inquire about a Massage Package


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